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ninja proxy to access blocked sites in china
China users and  ninja proxy           
Why chinese use Ninja proxy ?   
Ninja proxy or as its written sometimes ninjaproxy is the most advanced free ninja proxy server ,used now a days in china to bypass all filters against social media.

since 2009 to 2017 china banned many sites such as YouTube ,google map,whatsup… users of internet to day are using ninja proxy to bypass what china governments banned as sites.
ninjaweb free proxy server to unblock sites
Ninja proxy in china ?         
Ninja web is free web proxy service provided to you with no charges.
with ninja proxy you can easily bypass all kinds of internet filters and connect to YouTube ,facebook,whatsup

ninja proxy vpn was designed in a very simple way so every body can use it.
ninjaproxy to access banned sites in china
Ninjaweb and the speed           
Ninja proxy can make your surfing on the net smoth ,easy and fast.
Use Ninja proxy to inlock bolcked websites
Access Ninja Proxy to unblock blocked sites